Patience revealed herself to me on January 5, 2015.  Her character is every bit a Virgo. I have a lot of life practice with Virgos. Good, well-intentioned souls with a clear idea of how things are supposed to unroll. Gets them into trouble sometimes when it doesn’t go their way.

Patience is a young woman on a journey to find true intimacy. Never being one to settle, she learns through her experiences that finding that true, deep and profound connection isn’t easy. She has to learn boundaries, make big mistakes, have her heart broken, give parts of herself away only to realize she has to reclaim them in order to stay whole (and sometimes after she gives something away, it comes back to her changed). She is constantly evolving.

I am drawn to her character because she is so very real. The stories don’t always end the way I want them to end but they always end the way they’re supposed to. I’d like her to have the happy ending but instead, her personal growth and her learning dictate the course of the story. As the author, I’m merely the outlet to a story, to a learned experience, to a growing opportunity that needs to be shared. As women and as overall as humans, I believe we always crave closeness and safety. It’s when our past sabotages our present that we don’t quite get there, leaving us hungry, lonely and dissatisfied.

Patience has many stories to tell. Many loves to enter her life. She doesn’t disconnect her body from her mind and her soul. For her, they are intrinsically bound together. Not every story is about her finding a boyfriend or the next great love. There are stories where she is able to discern a physical hunger from one which needs a deeper connection to sate. She is a young woman determined to build a career with integrity and mindfulness. Sometimes a man can be an interference and sometimes he can be a partner. But always he will treat her with respect and dignity even if it takes her a little while to figure out if he isn’t. There will be wolves in sheep’s clothing, and there will be meek sheep. She has time for neither. Her heart’s journey will be one where she learns there is no perfect man, no perfect partner and through it she will rise the queen, always looking for her king.