I’m a big fan of TED talks and I’m an even bigger fan of Anne Lamott. She has such an approachable way of talking about faith, addiction, humor, and just about anything else that might be troubling you. In this talk she captures her life lessons to leave us with beautiful and humorous pearls of life wisdom, in only twelve points! Now, where can you get that much wisdom delivered so quickly?

I won’t give it all away but as a writer, #6 appealed to me, even potentially as a metaphor for life. “Every writer you know writes really terrible first drafts but they keep their butt in the chair.” I’ll admit, I write some serious garbage. And I want to run from it screaming and crying (ok, sometimes I do but no one needs to know–I’ve got a little “drama” in me) but somehow, the compulsion to keep writing brings me back. I’m learning, as in life, the problems will still be there unless I stay true and fix them. It’s a good lesson: stay present, work it out, however the end result will appear, you’ll feel better about yourself if you show some integrity and stay in, even when it’s terrible.