I’ve listened to the this podcast several times now. I’ve read and reread the transcript and each time I glean a different beauty. Overall, however, I derive two foremost pleasures from this dialogue.

One, just as John O’Donohue talks about the intimacy between humans, I find his language, the way he puts words together to form a phrase, almost painful they are so tender and dear. The words themselves are intimate.

The second is his conversation about friendship and intimacy.

“So, I think that it would be great to step back a little from one’s life and see around one who are those that hold me dear, that truly see me, and those that I need, and to be able to go to them in a different way. Because the amazing thing about humans is we have immense capacity to reawaken in each other the profound ability to be with each other and to be intimate. That’s one of the things I’ve always thought here is that there is loneliness here that is covered over by this fake language of intimacy that you meet everywhere.”

This is a concept that I will continue to explore with Patience. How does she regard her friendships? How does she hold space for them as she becomes more time limited? How does she learn to tend to a friendship the way one would a garden? Where does she fall down in her friend-relationships and when does she decide to repair and how does she decide to repair? What does true intimacy between friends look like for us as women?

A friend turned me on to this podcast and I encourage you to take the time to listen.  It’s possible it might bring a wholesome meter to the rhythm of your day. In this world of negative news, struggle and stress a layer of beauty is a welcome respite. Listen.


John O’Donohue — The Inner Landscape of Beauty