It wasn’t until I’d written several stories about Patience as a sexually mature woman that I realized I’d never considered how she’d begun this journey and how or when she’d given away her virginity (I’ve always hated the expression “lost her virginity”–it’s not like we lost something at all–either we gave it away or in some cases, it was taken from us–but in almost every case, a woman remembers the experience).

As I thought more about it, I realized the “flavor” of her first time was critical to how she managed herself through every other story…just like for every other woman. Was she respected? Was she safe? Did she enjoy it?

Spoiler alert, Patience has a REALLY good experience her first time around. And the second and third 🙂 Respected, fulfilled, and comfortable. This level of comfort is the foundation on which all her other experiences are built. It’s never been my intent for Patience to work through sexual dysfunction. I want the reader to experience her body’s freedom as their own. Patience lives the unfettered, fantasy sex life many of us wish we could share: Uninhibited, raw, authentic, joyful.  Of course, sometimes it’s awkward and real but there’s joy in that place as well for her (and you, reader). She is, like the rest of us…evolving, and figuring out what’s most important to her, how she wants to a relationship and how she wants to put herself out in the world.

To me, the most compelling quality of Patience is that she lives without pretense, especially as a woman. In so doing, mistakes will be made, hearts will be broken, tears will be shed, laughter will be heard, orgasms will be moaned and with her, we will live through it all.