Patience has stood close enough to the all American man in the office elevator to be enticed by his delicious fragrance.  It’s not until she decides to have dinner one Friday around the corner from the office that she officially meets James Everett. Much later in the evening, they arrive in his apartment and it’s majestic views of San Francisco.  With the city as a backdrop, James weaves a beautiful tale of sensual pleasure across her body and Patience learns that sometimes the best releases are those within the comfort of secure fastenings.


I sat down almost sideways to the bar. Sometimes I liked to keep an eye on the action. I extended one leg to the bottom rung of the stool next to me and tucked the other under my chair. My legs were well defined, they peaked out long from beneath my skirt. The bartender, whose deep, dark eyes caramel skin and broad mouth beckoned, approached me with a smile. He’d served me before.

“What can I get you?” His mouth teased with a flirtatious grin.

Given my state of mind, his gorgeous face and the turn of phrase, my mind filled with images of his skin on mine. I tried to hide my thoughts but very likely my slight smile gave me away.

I tried to keep myself together, “Hmm…how about a menu and a wine list, please?”

He smiled back at me. “Sure, no problem. My name’s Mark. I’ve waited on you before I think. If I can get you anything else in the meantime, let me know.”

There he was with another good turn of phrase. I could think of several ways he could get me something else. Maybe I did want more than just food tonight? Of course, he was probably just being professional so I smiled and put out my hand. “I’m Patience.”

“Patience?” The corner of his mouth quirked up slightly. I leaned forward on my elbow, his smile drawing me in, and grinned.